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 21st Century Health Catalyst (course outline below)

Personal Trainers around the world are respected as exercise experts, but not as health practitioners.  It's time for that to change.


When an industry begins a change to better serve a population in need, some bold pioneers have to be the front runners.  This will prove to be the most enlightening educational experience of your entire career. GUARANTEED!


Within the Personal Trainer's scope of practice lie some untapped keys to complementing the medical field and serving, not the sick or dying, but the unwell.   The unwell make up the largest segment of our population (read that again) and the unwell condition escalates in prevalence among those with the highest disposable income.  This is "the untapped market."  The men and woman who live their lives in a state other than optimal health are being treated with meds, but their bodies fail to respond to conventions of eating and exercise.  They look OK, they work, they have families, they're in the grocery store, the corporate arena, and in the sports bars on Sundays.  They're regular people who just happen to make up the largest segment of our population . . . . and conventional medicine has few resources for reversing the evolution of chronic disease.  That leaves a wide open field for you.  

With an enhanced skill set, an exploration of little-shared science, and an entirely new perspective, you, the Personal Trainer, move up to a new platform of success, recognition, and prosperity.

The 21st Century Health Catalyst course doesn't ask you to restructure your business or career, but rather to add to it in ways that prove far more rewarding and far more profitable than the strategies the bulk of the field tends to rely upon.  The program is groundbreaking, science based, and infused with tools to help to shape what promises to be The New Paradigm. 


The 21st Century Health Catalyst Course is being delivered, right now, for the first time ever, in a 12-hour distance learning course developed and taught by Phil Kaplan to allow fitness professionals to step up into a realm of healing, not via medical strategies, but using exercise, nutritional, and coaching modalities all fully within the scope of practice of a Personal Trainer.  


The course is designed to position the fitness professional to operate as part of the Allied Health Care Team in helping individuals from all walks of life restore health and optimize function.  It is not aimed at making the sick well, but rather at helping anyone find betterment of health, improvement in performance, and greater balance in all elements of the human machine and its operating system.  The Fitness Professional completing the Health Catalyst course will have a new understanding of how specific integrative exercise strategies can move people away from the most common chronic disease, reducing the need for medicationos, and creating a new sense of freedom for those who thought their lives would be compromised forever.


Focus is placed, not only upon the science and application, but also upon the escalation of the fitness professional to a recognized position of career accomoplishment.  The topic of quality personal trainers deserving significant hikes in income underlies the entire course.  

All in all, it's a study in elevation, in leaping forward with an understanding of the most opportune positioning strategy ever emerging for fitness professionals   Compensation, professional respect, and the power to connect with people from a position of strength are all carefully integrated into the curriculum.  

The course strives to promote career ascension and offers fail-proof tools for achieving new levels of career stability and financial security (and it's offered this one time only at a shockingly affordable price).  The course outline follows.

Session 1: The New Paradigm

  • The Realities of the Health of a Nation
  • The Limitations of Conventional Medicine
  • The Forgotten Roots of The Healing Professionals
  • The Platform That Allows Fitness Professionals to Complement Physicians
  • Inflammation as the Root Cause of Disease

Session 2: Exercise Therapies

  • Identifying Inflammation
  • Exploring Research Linking Exercise to Interleukins and Inflammatory Markers
  • The Inner Workings of Fight or Flight
  • Stress Load vs. Recovery: Implications and Value

Session 3: Efficiency

  • The Kinetic Chain
  • Posture and The Core Revisited
  • Biochemicanical Change
  • An Inside Look at the endocrine system
  • Hormonal change

Session 4: The Six Point Secret, a foundation for wellness

  • Ancient Wisdom Meets Quantum Science
  • Revisiting Magic as a Marvel of Natural Forces
  • Mindset and Spirit: The Creative Forces of the Cellular Machine
  • The BIG Triangle (Brain, Immune, Gut)

Session 5: The Nutrition Piece

  • Putting calories in perspective
  • The Nutrient Debates Put to Rest
  • Eating Supportively: To Support Optimal Metabolism and Health
  • Frankencow and The Horrors of our Food Supply
  • What We Just Don't Know About Water
  • Making Better Choices

Session 6: Influence

  • The 18 Motivational Types
  • Commanding “Yes”
  • The One-Way Power Flow
  • Ethical Persuasion: “In Their Best Interest”
  • Fair Compensation / Extreme Value

Session 7: Be a HEALER

  • Unconventional Results
  • Demystifying Accupuncture, Energy Work, and the Healing Power of Prayer
  • The HEALER Acronym (7 words of alignment that optimize the trainer : client relationship)
  • Staying Within Our Scope
  • The Subconscious Energy Systems

Session 8: Building Business: Curing Dis-ease

  • Perspective Review, Understanding 21st Century “Dis-ease” as a continuum
  • Insights into the Six-Point Secret, a new paradigm for "cure"

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The course is valued at well over one-thousand dollars, but for the pioneers, it's barely the cost of a trainig session per week.  You can enroll in the entire course for only $179.50 per month over the course of  4 months, or pay it in full for only $615.  Either way, it promises to be the best career investment you ever made.  Bar none.

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The Webinars / Teleconferences will be held Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:00 - 4:30 Eastern Time.  The program begins on May 18, 2015 and runs four weeks (a total of 3 hours per week).

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The course is delivered via a combination of live interactive teleconferencesand webinars and all recordings will be accessible to students within 24 hours of the completion of each event.  Anyone who misses the live event will have full access to any visuals and audio presented.  All participants retain the option of sitting for the Health Catalyst Exam, an extensive multiple choice quiz based on the science of facilitating extreme healthshifts through exercise.  Those who score 90 or more will receive a certificate of completion and a course outline which they can submit to their certification agencies to petition Continuing Education Credits.  The Live ASPIRE course shares smiliar material from a science perspeccitve.  It runs 16 hours and any students who go through the 21st  Century Health Catalyst course will receive $500 toward ASPIRE if they opt to continue on within 90 days..