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 This 8 day program was concucted near two years ago.  It is every bit as relevant today.  You will gain access, each day, to new materials, both audio and pdf files.  Some days there will be an audio, and on the in-between days you'll receive "directives," exercises to follow through on.

Here is your access to the Day #1 audio.  It's a large file so if you have difficult downloading it as a wav file, download it in two parts (mp3) below

Complete audio:(wav):

In 2 parts (mp3):


Day #2 comes with notes and directives (next audio is Day #3).  Day #2 is probably the most important day of the eight days for getting some real momentum.

Give this your all and the payoff will be significant.


Day #3 comes with an interesting audio program related to the concept of Effortless Prosperity.  During the original call, the conference line cut out . . . .and for awhile I didn't realize it.  I finally heard the recorded voice say, "if you'd like to make a call please hang up."  I wound up recording all of the Day 3 material and that's precisely what you'll hear.

Also on Day 3 there is a pdf for download:


Day #4 features an audio and hammers home some vital points to making this program work for you.


Day #5 - the pdf is brief, the directive simple, but don't take it lightly.  It can serve to shape your future.


Day #6 is an important day.  When I first released the 8 Days of Change, Day 6 fell on a Sunday, so in the pdf I share my Sunday night ritual, explain where it came from, and then offer some very powerful directives.  If you're accessing this on a Sunday, great.  Even if you just completed the Day 5 directive, you can do the Day 6 directives Sunday evening.  If this isn't convenient, you can certainly make any day of the Week any day of the program, but there's a slight edge to doing Day 6 late in the day on a Sunday.


Day #7 - stay on track.  If you're ready for Day 7, now's as good a time as any.  Have a pen handy as you listen to the audio.


Day 8 - Suppose someone could tell you how to increase your earnings by $60,000 by focusing on only "one new client."  Would you be interested?  If so, take Call #8 very seriously.  You don't have to be an accountant or a business person to recognize that with a new perspective, the numbers add up!

Day 8 Notes:


SPECIAL REPORT: Chaos and Order: The Evolution and Future of The Personal Training field: