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A NOTE FROM PHIL: Be Better Reignited, the first Be Better offering in 2 1/2 years, is a 12-month commitment to be one of only 20 personal trainers learning to grow in ways unheard of in conventional fitness circles. The program is proven, but it requires a willingness to stretch, a willingness to accept shifts in mindset that open you up to new potential, a willingness to stay the course even if, at times, the stretching feels uncomfortable. It isn't for everyone, which is why there's a screening process. If you have serious interest, complete the application form below. After I personally review your responses, I'll schedule a one-on-one telephone call with you where we'll discuss the specifics of your business, your challenges, and an overview of your aspirations. At the very least, you'll be directed in a valuable way. The preferred option is, you'll be invited into this elite group running from April 2014 - April 2015, promising you thrilling milestones followed by wildly thrilling outcomes.

The Be Better curriculum is delivered via teleconference, each teleconference held on a Thursday (beginning in April 2014) at 3 PM Eastern Time. The teleconferences are interactive and typically run 90 minutes. Pricing for the Be Better Project is usually $325 per month, but I offered the first 10 trainers to be accepted into the program at a savings of over $1500. The offer was, register early and it's ONLY $187 per month. After the first 10 were accepted and registered, I opted to keep the price for the remaining participants, so . . . it's only $187 per month (and a $125 enrollment deposit). With that understanding, take a few minutes and candidly and thoughtfully complete the application below. I hope you become a part of the Be Better Family - Phil

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