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 Making Happy People

By Phil Kaplan

I almost missed it.  It went into the massive dynamically growing pile of junk mail . . . but something caught my eye and I fished out the handwritten envelope.  It was a letter from Berta, one of the first clients I ever took through my then-brand-new ALIVE program.  She and her husband had a host of challenges and limitations and their list of meds required a second page.  After 8 weeks, his doctor decided not to continue his blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar meds and she restored normal thyroid function after 15 years of being “hypothyroid.”  They were early evidence for me.  They were precisely the type of people I wanted to bring through the 8-week protocol to demonstrate the power they had over their own physical health.  I won’t share the full 4-page handwritten letter, but I will say, even now as I review it, I can’t help but smile.   After expressing her gratitude, after telling me about the 14-day cruise they just returned from, and after praising her husband’s new life outlook, she wrote a line that I love.  It said, “When we first met you and the members of the A.L.I.V.E. group, we thought you made people happy.  Now we know better.  You make happy people!”

I know in your own life and career, you could be acclaimed for the same feat, “making happy people,” and even though we pass the credit rightfully along to the clients, we love the expressions that validate the power we’ve chosen to command.  “We make happy people.”  It’s a good thought, right?  I invite you to aspire to do it more often, more consistently, and . . . . with greater reward than ever before!

To aspire means to desire something strongly and to create the mental force and emotion to propel you forward, toward the desired outcome. 

While one of the greatest things about being a personal trainer is the ongoing receipt of gratitude, in that also  lies . . . a potential trap.

If you feed off of the “thank you” emotion, if you love the way your clients feel about you, if you cherish every expression of gratitude that has come your way, to avoid a perilous pitfall most trainers ultimately face, you have to grab hold of something that may not be as innate, something that may not come as easily as “helping people.” You’ll need something else if you’re going to wind up truly fulfilled 

I’m going to not only teach you what that “something” is, not only show you how you can grab it and embrace it regardless of your past, but I’m also going to show you how science, fitness, medicine, and our declining health as a population have allowed for a quantum leap both in emotional reward and in the power to achieve for any ethical, caring, inspired personal fitness trainer.


I’m not going to promise you can earn four-hundred-million-dollars . . . heck, I’m not even going to promise you a cool million, but I do want you to reconsider your potential to grow, and on the topic of four-hundred-million . . . . you may find you read the upcoming paragraphs with a mix of uncomfortable envy and utter disgust.

Like you, I’ve been around fitness for a long time, and for years I’ve watched the fitness field outpace the personal training industry.  Sure, the training field has grown significantly over the last couple of decades, but . . . the fitness industry has gone beyond explosion and in the financial windfall, personal trainers appear to be stuck under an umbrella.  I won’t get into statistics related to personal trainer income right now, but I will tell you it is abysmal when weighed against the average income of accepted and respected health care professionals.  Worse yet, it pales by comparison to the incomes of a small army of independent entrepreneurs who have learned to capitalize on the explosive fitness want.

I personally know a man in Ohio, another in New Jersey, and another in Southern California who have earned over $400 million selling infomercial fitness products.  I want you to grasp that.  We’ve grown up with this vision of “a million dollars” begin an elusive figure.  These three guys, in total, generated over $1.2 billion!  And that’s only three men! Oh, and prior to seeing opportunity, they had about as much interest in fitness I have in cold weather naked bird watching.

I personally know a man right here in South Florida who once lived in his ramshackle retail supplement store.  Today Jack’s supplement company is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  

I also know a man in Detroit who is overweight, out-of-shape, and generated over $50 million working from a small warehouse facility selling weight loss products and pills.  Yes, he’s overweight, and yes, he made millions in promising weight loss.  What does that suggest?  That there’s something beyond a fitness passion that can lead to accumulation of wealth in fitness related fields.

I can keep going.  I can tell you about the ex-con who generated over a billion dollars selling fat burners out of kiosks in shopping malls, about the home shopping icon who threw off over a million dollars in 12 minutes, and the personal trainer who became a multi-millionaire by sticking to his dream and building a small fitness empire in a college town.

Oh . . . hold on.  The last one is different than the others.  Sure, the supplement guy is a fitness guy but . . . the last one is a personal trainer.  He cares about people.  He loves helping others.  He’s made lots of happy people.  He’s a fitness guy through and through.  Joe has an enviable sense of the power we have to make dreams come true.  I’ve not only witnessed his dreams manifest, I’ve sat in them!  Yes, Joe on several occasions has come to pick me up for lunch . . . in his airplane.  My friend Joe is one of the rare few who found ultimate success by combining his genuine fitness passion with recognition of the power he had to steer toward continual growth . . . and to feel good about it.  He’s one of the rare few who combined a love for helping others with recognition of the importance of connecting passion with energy flow.  If that sounds a bit esoteric, know that in this article, when I refer to “energy flow.” I’m referring to the key to having what you want to have and doing what you want to do.

Here’s a crazy-sounding statement I never thought I’d be making, but it’s 100% sincere:


I won’t share my story, as you haven’t asked for it and I don’t want to impose it upon you, but I will say I was a personal trainer who, after a legal battle I felt justified in pursuing, found himself $250,000 in debt.  That’s the stinging part, but the experience changed me in what I now realize was a necessary and profound transformation.  After taking the hit, I readjusted my sails and without realizing what had switched on in my mind . . . I steered my business to generate over $1.5 million dollars over the course of the following year.  My business went, in a matter of 24 months, from generating just near $90,000 (which at the time I was extremely proud of having struggled to make ends meet for years) to generating $1.5 million between January and December.  I know intimately the power of this connection between passion, energy, and a timely strategy.  I know how different my life was “before” and “after.”   Best of all, it allowed me to “make happy people” at a greater level than I’d ever hoped for.

This article isn’t about money, but it is about prosperity, a word that’s over-utilized and misunderstood.  Many personal trainers have ongoing financial struggles, and most prefer to keep those struggles buried, hidden from plain view, allowing the world around them to believe that they’re doing “just fine.”  They may be doing “just fine,” but are they really moving toward making their wants realities?  Some are, and most aren’t.


Personal trainers pursue their careers out of altruism,

not out of a quest for riches. 

We care, and so . . . we do . . . without clear connection

to what, precisely, we’re breathing life into, or failing to breathe life into.




Here’s the question I want you to consider.  What do you aspire to be, to do, and to have? 

Then, if you can push your ego to the side (we’re all plagued at times by ego), honestly face the question, “am I moving toward that?”

I’ve decided to call my newest offering for personal trainers ASPIRE.  To aspire means to desire something strongly and to create the mental force and emotion to propel you forward, toward the desired outcome.  It involves the brain directing the body, thoughts manifesting in action and outcome.  The word comes from the Latin for “to breathe life into” (aspirare) and what those people I’ve mentioned who found prosperity were able to do effectively was breathe life into their dreams, stimulate their wants to become real.


Personal trainers pursue their careers out of altruism, not out of a quest for riches.  We care, and so . . . we do . . . without clear connection to what, precisely, we’re breathing life into, or failing to breathe life into.

I not only get “the connection strategy,” I’ve not only mastered it, but I’ve shared it and watched a handful of good-hearted personal trainers set extraordinary new wants and achieve their aspirations.  I’m now providing an opportunity for only 60 more personal trainers to come to understand the strategy, and in sharing the strategy I’ll also share vital cutting-edge information that I guarantee is not shared or taught effectively anywhere else in our field.  If you’re up for the challenge, I’m going to teach you to grow and to find a sense of even greater purpose, greater power, and . . . greater energy to command your future, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Here is your chance to register for my 2012 ASPIRE program kicking off in January.  It includes my A.L.I.V.E. Coach Training program + the most valuable strategies I’ve ever seen for turning personal trainers into confident producers with the income to live their dreams.  This is the last time I’ll offer the information I’m about to share in this format, and absolutely the last time I’ll offer it at this ridiculous price. 

In October 2012, my A.L.I.V.E. Coach Training Program will come with a justifiable price tag of $6400 and will be aimed at physicians, chiropractors, and accomplished personal trainers.  Right now, I’m willing to share ALL of the A.L.I.V.E. Coach Training information combined with the key elements of my Be Better program for only $950 . . . an investment you’ll recoup many times over . . . and it gets even better.

Before you allow any emotional reaction to the “price,” consider this.  I’ll teach you to maximize the impact of an 8-week program by sharing the details of my A.L.I.V.E. protocol.  I charge $2425 per client for the 8 weeks with a commitment of only a single personal training one-on-one session each week.  Although you might not, at first, feel comfortable with a $2400+ price tag, even with a conservative first time out of the gate, one single client going through the A.L.I.V.E. protocol generates at least $1200 for the personal trainer. Also know that you can take 8 people through the protocol every 8 weeks.  That suggests that a $6400 investment can pay for itself with the very first group . . . but more importantly, a $950 investment is recouped with just ONE client!

In addition to mastering the keys to the A.L.I.V.E. protocol for radical biochemichanical change (a term I coined for helping medical professional see the overlap we can affect between biology, biochemistry, and biomechanics), ASPRE trainers will learn principles of increasing income exponentially with immediate increases of $1000 per month now commonplace in the opening sessions of the program.

So, here’s what you’ll get . . .

The full 12 week A.L.I.V.E. Coach Trainer Training program (12 hours - $6400 value)


The key success elements that have set the foundation of my Be Better Project (4 hours)

This is the first time I’ve announced this.  This is your chance to take advantage of a very special offer.  The program will begin January 2012 and will run over 16 weeks, 16 hours of interactive teleconference and webinar training that will give you a power you never imagined.  It isn’t about making money, although it will teach you to align your true wants with your present actions.  It will teach you to combine passion and prosperity in a way that becomes effortless and gratifying.  Money flow becomes a welcome side-effect, not a direct pursuit.  I will allow 60 people into the program, 60 personal trainers willing to devote 16 hours to achieving a career quantum leap.

For those who are quick to act, I’m knocking $200 off of the registration, making it only $750, and . . . if you are one of those first 20, you can break it into simple affordable installments as follows:

$90 non-refundable deposit

January, 2012 - $165

February, 2012 - $165

March, 2012 - $165

April, 2012 - $165

I know what my friend Kelli Calabrese will tell me when she sees this (I’m expecting your call Kel).   She’ll say, “Phil, are you losing your mind?  You’re GIVING THIS AWAY!”

I also know how I’ll respond.

“This is groundbreaking and I want to empower those who deserve to prosper but have thus far been held back by mindset, circumstance, negative influence, or plaIn old bad luck.  I will give this program its just due once I release it to the medical field, which is mere months away, but for now . . . I feel a need to reach out and make it available in an affordable format for those who are about to take the quantum leap.”

So, with that said . . . here’s more . . .

You’re going to get the full 12 week ALIVE training, a study of the key principles that have driven unparalleled achievement in my Be Better program and . . .

. . . A BONUS: Before the New Year, I’ll conduct a private 90-minute workshop for those who are early to register.  The material you’ll face in this workshop will absolutely amaze you.  I’ve been studying not only human influence, but an evolving science called Neuroplasticity, and in this private webinar workshop I’ll teach you to change outcomes by changing minds.  I promise you, what you’ll learn will blow you away!  In this workshop I’ll get to know 20 of you personally, and you’ll be the key players throughout the program.  In other words, I’ll get to know your circumstance and experience and I’ll speak to your concerns and situations on the 16 group calls.  It’ll give you an edge, both in acquiring additional information and in coming to master and optimize the power of the materials.

Along the way there are 12 mini-quizzes and a final.  They are conducted online, and review the material covered in each of the pivotal lessons.  It allows me to ensure that the material is being absorbed, understood, and retained.

I know there’s one more pressing question.

What will you learn? 

Here’s my answer:

An insane amount of material.  Honestly.  It covers everything from understanding disease to facilitating cure, from tracking biochemical markers the medical field is barely open to, to integrating all of the elements of fitness into simple time efficient exercise sessions for virtually every individual.  You’ll learn how to command the fees you’ve always believed you’ll ultimately deserve, how to guarantee results, how to change mindset in seconds, and how to reverse the inflammatory process better than virtually any drug on the market.  I don’t want to start the bullet points unfolding right now, I just want you to trust, if you register now you’re going to gain unprecedented insights into how to elevate your personal training career to a place of professional respect, career longevity, and financial security.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I live up to my promises.

Register now.

P.S. Here are four interactive sessions you’ll participate in as a part of this program, and you’ll gain access to the recordings which you’ll be able to keep and apply for the entirety of your career:

1. Owning Your Time (not managing it . . . OWNING IT!)

2. The only five reasons for falling short and how to shut them down

3. Four key financial strategies that can instantly increase your earnings and exponentially increase your ability to save and establish financial peace

4. Fail Proof Marketing in minutes a day

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