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It’s heavy.  The environment is filled with a defeatist mentality oozing out of clients, colleagues, family, and Katie Couric.  The headlines say, Recession Slowing, and those headlines are followed by insights such as “consumer activity in the retail sector declined by only 2% last quarter which indicates the recession may be drawing to a close.”

Read that again.  I know we, as fitness professionals, aren’t immersed in economist publications, but the simple excerpt I just shared reveals a very unhealthy perception, one that, if adopted, dooms you to a reduction in income.  

I can restate the statement as, “things suck, and they only suck a little more than they did, so the decline will continue, but soon, maybe they’ll reach their worst and then we can all breathe a sigh of relief.”

How about this? 

“Some things suck and we don’t have to get sucked into their negativity.  We have the power to control our own worlds, our own respective universe, and in that universe can exist the people, actions, beliefs, and perspectives that bring us emotions of joy, accumulation of wealth, and an ever-increasing sense of prosperity.”

Does that sound better?

I live this on a daily basis, as do those fitness professionals who commit to the principles and directives provided in the Be Better Project.  This has nothing to do with positive thinking, doesn’t involve a specific marketing hook, and it isn’t a “make a million dollars selling something” proposition.  Be Better is a curriculum, specifically for fitness professionals, aimed at realigning the collective perception of possibility.  Want it in plain English?

Kelli Calabrese (master coach) and I (founder) are taking on the biggest challenges fitness professionals can throw our way, and we’re pounding those challenges into dust.  Over the course of 8 months, I’ll show you how to literally decide what you want to earn, how to capitalize on the trends that drive the mindsets of “the industry,” whether those trends be perceived as “up” or “down.”

Are you juggling debt from one credit card to another?  Are you cognizant of the fact that your clients, who may be close to your age in some cases, are so much better positioned financially than you are?  Are you subject to unexpected cancellations and drop offs?  Are your clients reducing their activity due to “finances?”

I’ll get you out of that place.  You don’t deserve to be there.  Kelli recently wrote an article for our newsletter where she describes how personal trainers put up a front, burying some of their difficulties and reflecting an “everything’s great” image that fails to confront reality.

I have a business that’s gone through struggles ranging from a hurricane blowing the roof off of my building (literally), an unfair legal battle that cost me over $250,000, and episodes of being victimized by dishonest “partners” and employees.  Those are challenges, and each one made me stronger.  I’m in a business that thrives, even while Katie Couric whines, that prospers even while the world around me bemoans “the economy,” and it thrives for one reason.  Because I’ve learned to commit to, to capitalize upon, and to revel in the power to change lives for the better. 

In this “economy,” I can name at least a dozen of my peers who have found all time highs in their lives and bank accounts.  In this “economy” I’ve led over 100 Be Better participants to find ongoing betterment, many of them exceeding any of their previous dreams.  In this “economy” the Be Better group has had gatherings in some of the most luxurious and tropical resorts in the U.S. and we earn as we laugh, we find genuine thrill in the days we love, and this is NOT by accident.  It is by design.

The word “economy” is derived from ancient Greek meaning “to manage one’s household.”  Here’s what you need to know.  Your economy, your financial and familial household, need not be negatively impacted by the masses.  You don’t have to live in a bubble.  You just need new tools, strategies and perspectives.

Here’s my offer.  Invest $9 and schedule a 15-minute consultation with Kelli Calabrese and myself.  I’ll even back the $9 with a money-back guarantee.  We’ll devote the full 15 minutes to helping you gain new perspective, providing you with an action plan, and then, together, we can evaluate whether the Be Better project or one of its associated offerings is for you. No pressure.  Simply an opportunity to give me your challenges.

“How, Phil, can you possibly overcome something that’s been plaguing me for months in 15 minutes?” 

It’s a good question, and the answer is sincere.  I can do this because I am NOT a part of your world, and I can observe it with a very different perspective than you do.  I’ll help you see how your thought patterns prevent you from finding “the way up” or “the way out” and give you some a-ha’s that will allow you to re-create your career, your income, and the plan for your future.

I’m only offering this once.  Kelli and I have 12 openings for 15-minute appointments, so register now.  No catch.  $9.  Money-back guarantee.  Change your life.

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