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 A Recipe for Betterment – by Kelli Calabrese

We tell our clients to manage their stress, but how much time do you spend worrying?   Seriously, if you could score a percentage of the day that you spend in worry, what would it be?  5%, 25%, 85%?  Do you worry if clients will cancel, worry that that they will not renew, worry that you will have to ask them for money, worry about the bills as you open the mail, that your children will come home and ask you to buy something you can’t afford or worry if the competition will put you out of  business?

There are so many reasons to worry when you are a personal trainer, especially if you are making less money than you deserve, have no real financial security to speak of and deal with the broken paradigm of the personal trainer industry where you give services for free and have a sporadic schedule of clients.

Phew, why do we stick with it? I’m sure it would be easier to become a chef or a retail manager or get into banking.  We do it because we love to help people, but should we, the ones who promote ultra-health and fitness, be the ones to suffer with chronic stress and worry? Isn’t it ironic that the clients we train have the financial means, but need physical betterment and we as trainers can achieve physical wellness, but struggle with finances.

Does it eat you up at the wealth that some of your clients have, that they may even seem wasteful with their abundance of money? Some seem to have absolutely no worry when it comes to money, yet it consumes a majority of our time wondering where our next dollar is going to come from as we live from session to session.

Okay, there is a point to this and the point is that you don’t have to worry any more.  AAAHHHHHH  . . . .  You can let out a deep sigh of relief!!!  Do you feel the burden lifted just in me saying there is an answer, a recipe, a formula for the worry monster to be eliminated?

Phil Kaplan and I HATE, HATE, HATE that personal trainers are riddled with such worry!  Good trainers, GREAT and even extraordinary trainers who have sleepless nights with worry are being driven into other industries.  In the past week I know of 3 incredible trainers who have left the industry for full time ”real” jobs with benefits so they can support their families and pay their  rent.  That just STINKS!!!

I am thankful to see people on the other side, people who have managed to muster up the courage to stay the course, to find a way, to seek out a formula for success and follow it through with great success.  I see people leaving corporate jobs that pay well, but they hate, come to enjoy a full time profitable and revered career as a personal trainer. 

There is a way to have it all, a way to have an incredibly fulfilling profession as a trainer, to be able to pay your bills, have financial security, have days off, get paid while on vacation, be able to afford benefits and REMOVE, yes remove the worry.

Phil Kaplan through the Be Better curriculum has laid out the pertinent life and career changing tools for you in an 8 month curriculum.    There’s still time to get in. We are accepting 10 more people who we are inviting to give their worries up to us, to give us their greatest challenges and watch the transformation as the solutions are effortlessly revealed.


Want proof, call me to schedule a 15 minute appointment with Phil and I. Give us your greatest challenge and we’ll help you with an instant solution that can change your situation. Then if you are interested and qualified, you can apply to be one of the 10.

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?  Matthew 6:27  E-mail me now and let Phil and I lift your worry and move you towards betterment.  [email protected]