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The Elements of the Be Better Project experience

After 4 (almost 5) years, Be Better grows . . . Better!  At the onset, my intention was, after meeting personal trainers around the world who had passion but were failing to recognize their own potential, to chart a course that allowed me to coach and guide them over an 8 month period to move from wanting to prospering.  I’ll outline a few of the elements that have made it an unparalleled success.

The Teleconferences

We “meet” twice per month for 90 minutes via live teleconference.  These are not ordinary teleconferences.  Each “call” has all 20 Be Better participants present and I deliver, per a pre-designed curriculum, a “lesson.” The lesson is delivered in a very unique way and each lesson will open your eyes to new possibility.   The calls are fully interactive and within 90 days, everyone in the group feels connected.   The calls are dynamic and my promise is, each call will feel “electric,” carrying forward for weeks beyond the time you hang up.  At times your brain will throb, at times you’ll feel uncharacteristically challenged, but each call has a purpose and a definable outcome for everyone in the group.  In this next group , for the first time ever, there will be 20 teleconferences over 10 months (previous groups shared 16 calls over 8 months).

The Directives

Throughout the program you will receive directives, assignments that rarely take any time out of your day.  They are not time intensive, they are perspective shapers.  With each directive you’ll begin to think differently.  You’ll begin to recognize and ethically exploit your unique gifts and traits, and while at first you’ll feel highly challenged, every directive leads to breakthrough and every breakthrough leads to a new level of skyrocketing confidence.

The Notes

There isn’t any need to take notes during the calls.  The notes are posted at a protected website within 48 hours of each teleconference.  By the conclusion of the 10 months, you’ll have a virtual library of information, each successive topic another step in the growth process.  The notes are extensive and they’re yours to keep and refer to forever.

The Recordings

Every teleconference is recorded.  The audio recordings are available within 48 hours, and just as the notes, they’re yours for life.  At the conclusion of the program you’ll have amassed more than 30 hours of information that can be utilized and referred to literally forever.  The topics and lessons will continue to serve you through each phase of your growth.

The Discussion Group

We establish a unique interactive group where participants connect, solve each other’s challenges, and share victories and obstacles.  The discussion group is delivered as a standard discussion group, but it also has an email feature where everyone in the group receives every email.  Over time the contributions become lesson in themselves and the progression of the group, featuring the unique personalities, wants, and aspirations of the participating trainers, is preserved through this open and ongoing discussion (open ONLY to people in the present Be Better Project group).

The Family Vacations

A few years ago I decided I didn’t want to conduct 3-day long seminars where I stand on a stage and speak and trainers sit and take notes.  I wanted to create living examples of the rewards of applying the Be Better principles.  Two or three times per year we put together a Family Vacation.  It’s open to all active “Betterites” (a term I’ve coined to signify someone living by the Be Better principles) as well as those who have been in previous Be Better groups.  You can come alone, network, party, study,, have fun, and connect or you can bring your family.  It’s an event that is unmatched.  Everyone returns home from a Be Better Family vacation changed for the better.  The first time you attend you’ll be awed by the genuine sense of family shared among all members of Be Better.  The vacations are optional, but a great way to celebrate the successes that come to you through the program.  We typically meet in exotic locations complete with pools, beaches, and nightlife.  Every Be Better Vacation has proven to be a unique adventure.

The Platform

Once per month there is a webinar open to all active participants.  It typically shares a timely perspective on elements of fitness, medicine, or personal development.  The term, the Platform, refers to the space between fitness and medicine, the Platform upon which the most revered and respected trainers stand.

The Lifelong Connection

Everyone in Beyond Better (an evolutionary program that is available after an individual completes the entire Be Better Project curriculum) will attest to the fact that they are lifelong friends, colleagues, peers, and confidantes.  They coach each other eternally, and every subject is fair game.  The group has counseled each other through those draining low periods where life shows up with an unexpected twist, as well as through those periods where success starts to challenge the sense of balance.  They’ve watched and helped each other grow and develop and they are the most genuine, powerful, humble, successful trainers in the world today.

Want to join us?

If you’d like to be a part of Be Better 2012 (beginning May 2011), email me with the Subject: “I Want to Talk.”   Include a brief paragraph addressing a bit of your experience and a glimpse into your aspiration.  Copy [email protected] and my assistant will contact you to set up a time for us to speak for 10-15 minutes to see if this is a fit for you.  You must be a trainer, this must be your full time gig, and you must have some real world experience complete with acknowledgment of mistakes, wrong turns, and the joy that emerges through the continued connection with the rewarding sense of passion we all feel as trainers.

- Phil Kaplan

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