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 What is Be Better?

by Phil Kaplan

"What is Be Better" remains the most difficult question for me to answer as it’s unlike any other learning experience anywhere on the planet.  It’s a living, interactive, group of individuals committed to making their personal training businesses the source of their prosperity.  It’s a course, with a beginning and an end, and each participant connects with 20 other like-minded individuals who all coax and coach each other through extreme growth over the course of the project.

Is it a Mastermind Group?

It is NOT a Mastermind group.  The concept of the Mastermind group, although the term has found its way into the forefront in the 21st century, was first conceptualized and described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich first published in 1937.  The idea was to assemble people with a common interest who are not directly competitive and have them interact for advice, peer discussion, brainstorming, and accountability.  Those elements may be present in Be Better, but if they are they’re simply a fringe benefit.

Be Better is structured.  There is a very deliberate and strategic curriculum with directives that take the lessons into the real world for everyone involved.  It’s proven.  I’m presently filling  the 8th Be Better group and I have four years of evidence that the program leads to extreme and thrilling growth.

The primary information is delivered in live interactive teleconference (sometimes with web supported visuals) and fitness professionals “attend” from around the world.  There is a private email discussion board that allows you access to the “group think” 24/7. 

The group stays cohesive from beginning to end and a “family” dynamic comes to exist.  At times participants are assigned partners for given exercises, all directed at stretching individual and collective perception of what is possible.  The course is designed to help stimulate growth from the inside out, beginning by introducing powerful concepts of shaping mindset, and moving forward driving everyone to test their limits.  You’ll learn to be a better trainer, a better coach, a better performer, a better producer, and a far better influencer.  You’ll learn to separate who you are from what you do and you’ll tackle the frustrations that need not exist.  You’ll understand relationships and motivation at an entirely new level. 

The strategies for building your business in a way that thrills you are proprietary to this program and it’s fair to say every Be Better graduate has a clear edge in the marketplace.  The achievements the Be Better trainers have amassed are staggering, ranging from media presence to revenues, from community impact to philanthropy.  The greatest testimony of the success of the program is the attitude or spirit these accomplished trainers seem to live with.  Everyone remains grounded, everyone understands the concept of balance, and everyone learns to express “a dream” and turn it into a reality without ever losing sight of the things that are really important.

Although there is a specific curriculum, the experiences, interactions, and personalities that come into play make each group a unique living entity.  More than 80% of the people who have gone through Be Better have stayed connected with the ever-growing Be Better family through large scale events and family vacations (we have two Be Better family vacations each year where the graduates and participants interact at a resort, celebrating the victories they’ve achieved and living with that inner fire of passion and joy.  There are also a number of opportunities to stay connected to the Be Better experience for perpetual growth after completing the course once through.

Is it for me?

Every Be Better graduate acknoledges they had some difficult contemplating to do before joining the group.

I understand.  

This is different.  You don't have a reference for it.  The financial questions come up and create a tug-of-war.

The question, "can I afford it?," goes to battle with, "can I afford NOT TO do it?"  

"Do I have time?  Can I commit?  Am I up to par with the others?  Am I overqualified?  Do I know everything Phil plans on teaching me?"  Each question leads to more questions and that wall of ever-increasing question marks can lead to stagnation.  That's why I want to minimize the pain of contemplation.  First I'll outline a few traits the Be Better graduates come with, and then I'll give you an opportunity to allow me to help you answer the most plaguing questions.

Be Better is for fitness professionals who know they’re capable of more, but are frustrated (mildly or majorly), at times stumped, and at times disappointed by the realities of their day-to-day operations.  It is for individuals who are committed to the fitness field, who make personal training or a related pursuit their primary source of revenue, and who can articulate at least a piece of what the future should hold assuming wishes can become real.  Be Better is for individuals who appreciate the concept of prospering by bettering the lives of others and want to understand how to make it feel effortless.  It’s for fitness professionals who can share stories of small or large victories, but can also share stories of missteps and learning experiences.  It’s for trainers who want to find growth and want to honestly say they love what they do, every single day, not only for the emotional reward, but because it comes with a sense of true freedom.

If you’re unsure if this is a fit for you, click here to complete a questionnaire and you’ll receive a response within 72 hours evaluating how “better ready” you are.

What Can I expect?

You can expect growth.  How much growth?  That’s up to you.  As with any program or curriculum, what you get out of it is directly related to your willingness to put in, but the potential for extreme growth with Be Better is very real.  If you participate in the teleconferences and perform the directives (none of them time consuming – they all fit into what you’re already doing), you cannot help but grow.  You’ll decide specifically what type of growth you seek, and you’ll learn to employ a concept called creative tension to connect with the figurative line between where you are and where you want to be.  The curriculum is designed to move you along that creative tension line, to help you feel a sense of “closing in on the desired outcome” from day to day until ultimately the desired outcome becomes your life.  You can expect to get away from stagnation quickly.  You’re going to move forward, and while not every goal is financial in nature, every participant in Be Better reports significant increases in revenues and profit, some of them multiplying their incomes several times over.

 Click Here to See a Chart of the Benefits of the Project


What’s Unique About Be Better 2012?

Up until now, the Be Better program ran over the course of 8 months.  Be Better 2012 comes with 6 hours of new material and features 20 teleconferences over 10 months (2 per month) taking the entire group through the Holiday Season, the New Years resolution, and the power that few business owners realize they have to ensure unprecedented growth in February.   The participants are going to benefit from the unique inroads I’ve made in connecting with the medical field, the corporate marketplace, and the “new” type of health club where personal trainers are the vital component that drives profitability.

Is there a Deadline?

The program begins May 19th, but we’ll sell it out way before then. There isn’t a hard deadline, but if you have even the slightest bit of interest, take a next step as soon as you can.

What if I miss this group, when is the next?

I am fully committed to the success of this group and will not launch a new one any sooner than April of 2012.

What if I’m ready?

Email me at [email protected] and include a paragraph about why you feel Be Better is for you.  I’ll respond personally with a few options for times we can connect by phone for 10-15 minutes to explore what the future might hold for you.  You can also call my assistant Stacey at 954 975-4304 to schedule the telephone call with me.

What can I do now if I’m intrigued but still apprehensive?

  • Contact Stacey Miller at 954 495-8065 or [email protected] and schedule a 10-minute telephone chat with either Stacey or myself.
  • Reach out to the Be Better alumni.  Stacey or I will happily give you contact information for past and current Be Better family members.  You can freely reach out to some of the trainers who can articulate specifics of what the program did for them.   We do not have our “ringers.” We’re comfortable with any true candidate speaking to any individual who has completed the Be Better curriculum.  There isn’t any direct benefit to them in driving people toward the program as they aren’t paid commissions or kickbacks.  You’ll get straight talk, uncensored, from those who have been in the trenches.  You’ll have the ability to collect genuine feedback without anyone eavesdropping.  Ask what you want to ask, say what you want to say, and you’ll find yourself much clearer on the decision at hand.
  • Better understand it by reading through The Elements of the Be Better experience

If you’re ready to go, if you want to set up a phone call with me to discuss what the program can do for you, email me [email protected] and give me a few available times that we can schedule a call.  I’ll respond with my availability and I’ll call you at our scheduled time at whatever phone number you designate.

I look forward to playing, at least a small role, in your future growth!

Be Better,

Phil Kaplan