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 Happy New Year. You’ve heard that before (every year), and we usually take it to mean have a joyous and optimistic entry into the year ahead. I’m going to ask you to think of it differently. Let’s not limit our thinking to the entry to a new calendar . . . but let’s shift our thinking to consider the evolution that the 12 months of 2012 can bring to our lives, our careers, and our families.

In simple language, 2012 can bring more money, more freedom, better relationships, more joy, a heightened sense of potential, and a thrilling sense of adventure, and I can pave the way to making your aspirations your reality . . . with a new program valued at over $6,000 for a ridiculously affordable price.

I’ve never been a big proponent of new years resolutions as I make key resolutions all year long. With that said, in 2012, my life takes on an enhanced direction and I invite you to join me. Let’s start with this . . . . register for my ASPIRE program and . . .

January 10th I’ll show you how to earn $1200 in a single day giving you the promise of a $500 per month bump in your profits immediately. You’ll be able to collect the $1200 on a day of your choosing before January concludes. This isn’t rah-rah promote-your-ass-off stuff, nor does it have anything to do with mailings, blasts, or contests. I’ll share a power and perspective that you’ll find electrifies you with a new realization of your potential, and best of all, you’ll monetize that potential in a matter of days.

January 17 I’ll teach you exactly how you can speak to the largest segment of our marketplace in a way that draws them toward you with an extreme sense of the value you bring.
I’ll show you how to demonstrate 1000% increases in strength in non-athletic clients in 8 weeks. Yes, I said 1000%! How about athletes? With the training modalities and methodologies I’ll share, they’ll find “all-time-best” condition in that same 8 week period.

Before the month is out, you’ll learn how a radical shift in the way you understand aerobic exercise can make fat release and cardiovascular improvement the result of very brief incredibly effective aerobic sessions.

You’ll gain amazing insights into the relationship between the mind (thought), the endocrine system (hormones), and health and body composition and you’ll learn how to empower people to gain control of all three.

When you complete the 16 weeks, you’ll be different. You’ll understand how you can become a revered part of the Allied Health Care Team. You’ll understand why clients are willing to invest $2425 in an 8 week program and remain long term clients happily committed to lifetime adherence., and those are only a few of the outcomes you can expect. When I tell you this is powerful career-altering material, I mean it. When I tell you this is unlike anything that anyone else is offering, I mean it. When I assure you that this is real-world, time-tested, research based material that’s been passed through the filter of some of the greatest minds in science and medicine, I mean it, and I’ll stand behind it.
I’m going to teach you persuasion techniques that will stun you. You’ll be amazed how simple it becomes to get clients, thrill clients, and get paid.

If you’ve heard these promises before, if they’re coming at you from some email marketing guru, consider this. You’ll interact with me personally. I have a 30-year track record of backing up my promises with a guarantee. I have a 30-year track record of being in-the-trenches, practicing what I preach, making the mistakes and spearheading the lessons.

I will personally get to know everyone who joins us for ASPIRE. The outcome promises to be far more than I know how to express in words, but I feel safe telling you the 16 week program will grant you the ability to make each and every one of your career dreams come true. Put me to the test. I’m backing this program with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. Here are my promises:

If you complete the 16 weeks, and follow through on the directives, you will have already recouped your investment and seen a significant increase over your 2011 income.

If you complete the 16 weeks you will find it simple to tap into the largest segment of the marketplace with a new ease in client acquisition and establishing long term adherence.

If you complete the 16 weeks you will understand how to speak with doctors in a new way, a peer-to-peer manner that places you high upon a new platform as a health practitioner

If you complete the 16 weeks and employ the strategies you learn with clients, you’ll find unprecedented reductions in blood pressure, blood sugar, and radical improvements in hormonal balance

Afraid of risk? Forget it. If you complete the 16 weeks, and for any reason are not 100% thrilled, call me and I’ll issue you a complete refund.

It’s only $90 to register. Do it now. The balance will be paid in four monthly installments of only $165 each.

You have everything to gain and virtually nothing to lose. If you’re still doubtful, let’s talk. Email me ([email protected]) with the Subject: ASPIRE and give me the best contact number to reach you at along with two options for a good time to call.

If you’re ready for 2012 to be the happiest new year ever, if you’re ready to leap forward taking your career from “job of passion” to “source of prosperity,” if you’re ready to change lives in ways doctors, medicine, and alternative therapies have not, join me for ASPIRE as we begin the thrill of 2012!

BONUS: I conducted a 90-minute conference on the power of shifting mindset in mid-December for a small pilot group getting ready to grab all of the benefits the ASPIRE program offers. In it I shared strategies of changing outcomes for yourself and for others. As soon as we receive your registration, you’ll gain instant access to the audio from that presentation.

Now there’s only one thing left to do. Click here and register. I look forward to playing a role in kicking your personal training career up to the highest levels of reward and gratitude.

Happy 2012. Not just the entry, but . . . all year long!

Phil Kaplan

The information is delivered in interactive webinars. The sessions are live every Tuesday over the course of the 16 weeks (beginning January 10) and each session lasts 50-60 minutes. After each session participants will be asked to take an 8 – 10 question online quiz so we can measure how well the information is received and retained. Participants can interact via phone, via chat during the live webinar, or in a private discussion group accessible 24/7 through the duration of the program. All participants will receive all 16 presentations in powerpoint or pdf format.