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 If you know me you know this . . . I never shy away from the truth . . . and I am very comfortable making bold and provocative statements, if they are in fact rooted in reality.

I’m about to offer 150 trainers the power to design their futures and a few thousand more a chance to invest $5 for at least a $5,000 return (yes, really) . . . but before I go there . . . know a bit about the why behind the offers.

Over the years you’ve heard me openly challenge diet centers.  I’ve been known to say . . .

. . . “commercial diets and the lobbying power of the sugar industry are the primary reasons for the escalation in obesity over the past 25 years.”

You’ve heard me, on my radio show, on TV, and in seminars, expose the practices of the drug companies. 

“The research is released in skewed edits designed to sell as much product as possible before the public realizes the risks, and I can give you examples ranging from Phen-Fen (N)to Vioxx (N), from symptom-treating  drugs disguised as cures to dangerous CNS stimulants pretending to be weight-loss miracles.”

Standing on a speaking platform holding products sent to me by listeners of my radio show with the question, “does it work,” led me to some hard hitting global statements addressing the overhyped claims and deceptive practices of major product marketing firms

“Tummy trimmers do not trim tummies, never trimmed tummies, and never will trim tummies, regardless how great the abs on the infomercial.”

You’ve always known me to be an advocate for the virtues of my chosen profession, Personal Fitness Training, and today, in 2012, I’m more fired up than ever to share THE AMAZING POWER OF THE PERSONAL TRAINER (does that sound overly dramatic?  I promise . . . it isn’t.  It’s genuine.)

Advocating that which I love should be effortless . . . but . . . there’s a problem. 

The problem is, the bulk of my industry is stifled by what we might call a failure to launch, a failure to emerge as an industry representative of a true profession.  Most personal trainers fail to recognize their potential and they wind up harboring an emotional battle between living their passion and . . . abandoning the career they’d love to love because they just can’t earn enough. 

If you’re a trainer, and you’re offended by this, call me names, throw darts at my picture, and tear up my articles . . . but if you’re open minded enough to consider there may be more than you’ve conceptualized . . . more than you’ve achieved thus far . . . you’re going to like what I have to say.

I’ve been at this for 30 years, and in that 30 years I stumbled, I fell, and I tumbled, but each back-step was a learning experience that led me to acquire a bit of wisdom, and it’s only through that process that I learned.  There is great power in being a personal trainer.

In an industry where the barrier of entry is absurdly low, where fragmentation prevents any true governing mandates, and where health club operators de-value the true worth of competent personal trainers, it’s no wonder the principles capable of guiding any fitness professional to prosperity remain elusive. 

Rather than trying to change the industry, after building a business that generated up to $1.2 million a year, a business that served over 50,000 customers, a business that allowed me to travel the world and get paid for my travels, I decided to teach, to coach, to empower . . . but only those who were ready, willing, and prepared to push their egos aside and open up to a new reality.

So began my Be Better Project, a small group remote coaching program that took a select few trainers from around the world through a career-altering 8-month curriculum.  Be Better wasn’t for the personal training mainstream.  The Be Better participants had a healthy mix of open minds, humility, and ambition.

Since I started the Be Better Project (in 2004) my own level of education has been much elevated.  A continued pursuit of new information related to influence, health, and human transformation landed me behind the curtain of the medical field, and WOW did I learn!  I came to identify how Personal Fitness Trainers with an enhanced skill set can be revered and compensated as true health professionals.  Best of all, this new breed of health professional can meet the greatest health need in our nation. . . arguably better than mainstream medicine.

My recent direction involves working with major hospitals and hospital groups to introduce a progressive exercise and eating protocol to their communities and patients, and with the A.L.I.V.E. protocol, the outcomes have been stunning.  I want to open new doors for those who have chosen the noble profession of personal training, but only a small fraction of the certified trainer universe is ready to hear how high the bar can be raised.

That’s why I decided to make my Be Better Project curriculum available in a home study course.  I’m releasing it in January 2013 but will only sell 150 programs total.  I’m inviting personal trainers who have interest in stretching (I’m not referring to flexibility), in considering that their potential might be far greater than they’ve recognized to date, in beginning a leap from where they are now to where they deserve to be.  If you want to secure a Be Better Program of your own, you can order it now for a deposit of only $19 and you’ll get some extras worth the entire program price.  If you’re interested, click here right now.

If you’re intrigued, but apprehensive, I’m going a step further.  I’m offering my publication, 16 Secrets for Personal Trainers Seeking Prosperity, in a downloadable format . . . for . . . get ready . . . only $5.  Seriously.  You can find out about both offers, the Be Better Program ($19 deposit) and the 16 Secrets ($5 total) by clicking here . . . or . . .

If you don’t need to read any further.  If you realize that an offer that promises you can turn a $5 investment into $5,000 in short order or your money back . . . you can just click here and learn more about the 16 Secrets.