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 I’m going to teach you how to be a wealthy, fulfilled, abundantly powerful personal trainer with a heart so genuine it touches everyone you meet.

Exactly one week ago I had a heart-to-heart conversation with a man ten years my senior who has earned millions in real estate.  Tate owns nursing homes, but doesn’t know the names of any of the employees.  He’s evicted tenants from homes he initially helped them to hold onto when they couldn’t meet their mortgage demands.  He’s raised rents at lease term to drive existing tenants out and make way for bigger players.  He’s bought land for far less than it was worth from people in dire straits needing immediate money.

I may surprise you by telling you, Tate is a very nice guy.  He’s not the dastardly landlord who twirls his moustache as he robs people blind.  He’s a business man.  In fact, whenever he’s confronted with the “how could you” question that seeks to tap into heart and conscience he counters with two words.    “That’s business.” 

It’s almost as if he splits himself down the middle.  There’s the nice guy who cares for his family and friends with love and generosity, somehow intrinsically linked with the cutthroat money maker with very little conscience.

The heart-to-heart was a debate about whether or not “caring about people you don’t know” makes you weak.  He insists it does. I insist, it is far and away my greatest strength.

I’m writing this for personal trainers, so I know which side you’ll land on.  You care about people.  Deeply.  You want to help people at the highest levels, and if we’re going to strip away the mask, you’ll have to admit, at times that has hurt you.  You worked for far less than you deserved.  You gave far more than you received.  You let dreams escape or die so as not to violate what you perceived to be your ethical code.  You’ve even watched others prosper with far less sweat, commitment, and determination than you’ve given to your chosen path.  There have been times you’ve questioned your heart and tried to get your brain to pull you out of the mud and into a realm where prosperity abounds.

I get that.  I so get that.  But I also get this.  While my heart is the heart of a personal trainer, I have to eat.  I need a home.  I want a nice home.  I have a family.  I enjoy taking my daughter to New York every summer, on an adventure every winter, and surprising her with gifts or trips.  I date.  I entertain.  I play.  So . . . if I am to care about people . . . and still find fulfillment, I have to find a harmonious blend between giving and receiving, between helping and finding just reward, and it is that precise recognition that helped me to build a career that serves me with pride, appreciation, and all the juice life has to offer.

Tate and I agreed . . . we are of different breeds.  His “way” is not right for me, “mine” would be crippling to him.  If we are each to find success, we have to carve out the path that suits us as individuals.   Is there a way to do what he does and still care deeply about people?  My belief system says yes, but it’s outside the realm of what I choose to pursue.  Can you care deeply about people and benefit as you deserve finding true fulfillment and career longevity.  That one I can answer with authority.  Yes.

Can I teach you how?  Yes.

Will I teach you how?  Yes, if you’re ready to stretch, to grow, to challenge yourself, and to strip away ego so you’re left with that impassioned heart as your greatest strength as you establish the strategies and boundaries that ensure you receive exactly as you deserve.

I will teach 20 personal trainers to find abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment without ever stepping away from their passion and in April of 2015, these trainers will emerge as a new breed.  As living examples of what is possible for those with the heart we all share. They’ll have learned to command an income in line with the most respected medical professionals, to find a joyous balance between personal life and the thrill that comes from linking passion with reward. 

These elite fitness professionals will be recognized as health professionals in their own right and have a far greater impact upon the health, fitness, and well-being of everyone they professionally touch.  These 20 elite trainers will be graduates of the Be Better Project in a special offering beginning April 17, 2014 and running a full 12 months titled “Be Better Reignited.”

If you feel you have “the right stuff,” are fully committed to helping others improve their lives, and are willing to test your own potential and acquire all that you really deserve, read more and find details on this life-altering career-rocketing program devote 100% to you, the Personal Trainer with a Heart.

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