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HEADLINE: Criminally underpaid personal fitness trainers crushed by top earners

By Phil Kaplan, September 2015


Personal Fitness Training is, in my opinion, the noblest and most rewarding career on the planet for those with a heart for truly helping others. 

Who am I to make that statement? 

I’m very simply a career-personal trainer who turned a certification and passion into an undertaking that brought me abundance in virtually every area of my life.  My career began to take shape in 1980 and, while I do not seek the spotlight or further accolades, those entrenched in the health club, fitness, and personal training industry for more than a decade or two will know of and speak of my contribution.

If you want to know more about me, rely upon Google and explore. 

This isn’t about me. 

This is an invitation.  It’s about you.

It’s about you getting the true juice out of your chosen path.  I know you love what you do.  I know you’re driven by the thought of helping people.  I know you have a deep passion for fitness.  I also know, less than 3% of certified trainers earn over $100,000 per year, and those who amass true million-dollar businesses amount to less than .03% (that’s 3 out of 10,000).

If I told you the average annual income of a certified personal trainer your jaw would likely drop to the floor (and you might need help getting it back into place).  Suffice it to say, it isn’t impressive.  I’m sure you’re earning more than the average, but if you’re like most trainers, if you aren’t in the “3%,” it isn’t anywhere close to what you believe you deserve.

A glance at 2014 earning statistics reveals something highly significant.  While a random sampling of 200 health-club employed personal fitness trainers reveals the average subject is paid for an average of 12 hours per week (despite the fact they may be working over 40 hours including marketing and client acquisition), and despite the fact that the Department of Labor would have a field day with these numbers at the expense of industry employers, the health club industry continues to devalue the services and offerings of their most potentially valuable assets.  Looking at labor trends, a first-year truck driver in 2015 is likely to earn more than double what the average personal trainer earns.  

With that said, there are a great many personal trainers fueling their entrepreneurial drives by earning  far more than “average” with bootcamps, group training, classes, and specialty offerings.  They are to be applauded, but en masse these Outlier earnings average in the $30,000 - $45,000 range.  The small circle of top earners earn (get ready for this) . . . more than 20 times that of the “industry average.”


The gap between top earners and average is disturbingly wide and deep.

The go-to action is to blame luck, genetic gifts, or arrogance for being the reasons top earners earn, but that assumption would be wholly incorrect.  It has everything to do with business acumen, sound financial strategies, marketing strength (that doesn’t mean mass marketing . . . in most cases it’s eyeball-to-eyeball), an acquired mastery of influence, and a respect of the necessary separation of being “at work” and being “themselves.” 

There is one other interesting thread that runs through the histories of the top earners.  They ALL had strong mentors guiding them outside of the commonplace practices of “the industry.”

Here’s what I can promise you.  I can teach you to take the passion, client base, experience, and uniqueness you already possess, and turn it into reward you might have imagined but never touched.  I want to be careful.  Don’t mistake this for a “make a million dollars overnight” come-on.  It’s anything but.  My 35-year career has been grounded by two guiding concepts that ensure I stay fully connected to delivering on promises and to bettering people’s lives.

1.       “Growth with Integrity” are words engraved on a plaque that has decorated my desk for over 25 years.  It may, in fact, be my most precious possession.  As all entrepreneurs, I’m driven by the idea of growth, but only if I can sleep at night knowing everything I do and pursue is connected to my internal moral compass.  The paradigm “Growth with Integrity” has allowed me to step away from, and at times battle against, those who live by another paradigm, “make money, even if it’s at the expense of others.”  Unfortunately, the health and fitness industry has been riddled with unsavory players who have learned to milk consumers using hope as a lure.  Those players, while they’ve amassed huge windfalls in many cases, have opened the door for you and I to stand out, to quietly but consistently be “outstanding.”


2.       The second guiding concept has put me in a position where I literally am forced to deliver upon my promises.  It’s a simple phrase I’ve been sharing with high level fitness professionals in private consulting sessions and large-scale seminars for as long as I’ve been invited to coach, consult and mentor.  “Deliver More Value than People Expect.”  It’s a key foundational principle that becomes a pillar upon which your business grows . . . and grows . . . and grows.  In its simplest form it means, during an exchange of money and service (the client pays, you provide a service), don’t simply satisfy the client but absolutely thrill that person beyond anything they expect.  I know many of you will say you do that.  If you’re really going to grow, if you’re really going to test your true potential, if you really want to blow through the ceilings imposed upon personal trainers by a short-sighted industry, move your ego out of the way.  Consider that as strong as you are, you can be better.


Be Better.  That’s the name of the Project that began quietly in 1995 and has evolved into a sort of secret society, an elite “club,” made up of those personal trainers who decided they wanted to find new levels of excellence.  The curriculum isn’t like anything you’ve ever been exposed to and is now, in this single offering, more powerful than ever.  This is the Be Better program set ablaze!  The most powerful and usable information you’ll find related to growing your career . . . anywhere!  I guarantee it. 

I’ve kept the lid on the Be Better material closed tightly to ensure that those who commit to the 8-month long program, conducted live, interactively, via webinar, establish and maintain an edge that those un-indoctrinated cannot even touch.

I’m about to share some bullet points, provide a few insights, and open the door for you to tap into a power you never knew you possessed.  Only a small handful of those who begin this article will read beyond this point, and that’s by design.  Before you read any further, please ask yourself a single question.

“Am I willing to admit, despite any fronts I may put up, that I am unsatisfied with the income, position, financial security, and ultimate personal reward my personal training career has brought me thus far?”

It’s a hard question to face.  Most trainers reading this will stop now, and that’s OK.  This isn’t for everyone.

This is for the few willing to quietly lead, to rise above those barriers that have been imposed upon your income, the professional respect you command, and your sense of true freedom.  Ego, for most of us, wants to protect us from such admissions.  That’s why the few who read on are the few I want to speak with. 

The program is open to only 35 personal fitness trainers.  It isn’t cheap.  It isn’t easy.  It isn’t magic.  It’s simply the most powerful learning experience you’ll ever go through, one that I promise will completely alter the path of your life . . . in marvelous ways.  If you’re up for it, it will challenge you, inspire you, and force you to step over boundaries that might initially have you sweating a nervous sweat that always precedes new accomplishment.  OH, and please don’t misunderstand.  This isn’t a program designed for the criminally underpaid seeking justice.  This is for those fitness professionals who have earned respectably, but see and feel the gap between what they collect and what, deep down, they really deserve.  Sadly, most of the underpaid will remain in that category held back by their own dually-imposed limits. 


If you’re still reading, I commend you, as you were at least willing to consider that an overzealous ego might hold you back, and that letting your guard down a bit opens you up to true betterment.  It’s a humbling action, but a life-changing one.

Once you conquer ego, the next obstacle sure to raise its ugly head will be Fear.  You’ve heard all of the old adages about “fear of failure” and “fear of success,” but until you fully understand mindset (which is the very first thing we’ll cover and the first lesson will completely blow you away with the changes it prompts) you won’t understand how your brain is wired to create “rational lies.”  The act of “rationalizing” really translates to fear of the unknown, the untested, or the uncertain being met with lies that you convince yourself make perfect sense, they appear rational.

“I would make more money but in this part of the country people aren’t willing to pay”

“I know other trainers, less qualified than I am, have more clients but I take pride in knowing I commit to every one of them, and that’s enough for me to feel fulfilled”

“I know the guys I went to college with are building their financial security, but I love what I do and that makes my bank statement and financial portfolio OK.”

These are a few example of the way your mind deals with subtle fear.  It connects with ego to assure you, it isn’t you.  You’re OK.  Its circumstances that have brought you here, and you’ll dig deep to rationalize why it’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Here’s a thought to consider.  You created everything you possess, everything you put your name to, everything you are accountable for, and circumstances had far less to do with the lack or limit in your life than you’ve convinced yourself.  I’ll show you, in our very first session, how you can literally rewire your brain (applying the science of neuroplasticity), recognizing brain parts and reconstructing precisely how they communicate with each other.  This isn’t old school motivation.  This is cutting edge neurological science that is so powerful it can completely re-set the limits on anyone’s potential. 

Join us for the very first session of Be Better and you’ll understand the difference between the neural wiring of true achievers, those who seem to attract abundance magnetically, and those who have great potential but fail to uncover boundless reward. 

Best of all, you’ll learn how to change your wiring, quieting ego, shutting down fear, and creating a sudden certainty in what lies ahead.  This is more than sports psychology.  It’s more than exploring your deepest thoughts about money.  It’s the power to change the programs that run your life.  In the very first session, you’ll completely change your perception of what you deserve, what you’re truly capable of, and how far you can go without ever abandoning the passion that brought you here.

And that’s only a glimpse into the first of sixteen sessions, each one 90 minutes in duration, each one delivered live over the course of 8 months, and remember, even with a stellar unmatched record of creating success stories, this time it’s even better!

Each session’s value stacks upon the previous session, and as you identify your unique traits and gifts (you’ll shock yourself as you start to really identify the advantages you possess), as you recognize and change behaviors that allow you to command greater respect, command greater income, and know you’re more connected to morality and integrity than ever before, you simply get better and better.  And Better.

The program begins November 5.  You’ll have to commit to block out two 90-minute slots each month.  The teleconferences are scheduled for every-other-Thursday (with a few exceptions in months there are five Thursdays) at 3 PM Eastern time and they run until 4:30.  You don’t want to miss a moment.  The calls are recorded and are available for download, but there’s a massive advantage to being there live, interactively, as every call is unique to the specific situations of the “Betterites” (a term I’ve affectionately bestowed upon the 200 some odd trainers who have gone through the program).  You’ll want to join them.

If you’re interested, the first step involves filling out an online application.  After your application is reviewed we’ll schedule a personal one-on-one phone call to determine, together, whether you’re a fit for the Project and whether the Project is a fit for you.  Most applicants are not accepted.  The group becomes a cohesive unit of individuals from all over the country becoming each other’s guides and coaches and it’s on me to maintain a standard and a caliber of impending excellence.  There are very specific things I’m looking for in those I accept into the program.  I’ll give you a bit of insight now.

You have to be able to articulate the difference between where you are and where you want to be.  It isn’t enough to say “I want to be better.”  That would be analogous to a client saying “I want to be fitter.”   In order to assess the potential you have to thrill this client, you’d have to understand his or her definition of “fitter.”

What I’ve found in screening people for the Be Better Project over the course of a decade is, most trainers are better at articulating what they don’t want than what they want.  This again comes down to a mindset issue, from years of habitual self-imposed limitation.  I want those who come on board to fight that, to stretch, to really connect to the heartfelt answer to the question, “what do you want?”  Answers such as “I don’t want to have all this debt,” or “I don’t want to work for someone,” just aren’t enough.

There’s a key concept you’ll learn in Be Better, one that will empower you to grow more than anything you’ve ever learned.  The concept is coined “Creative Tension.”  It teaches you, simply, how to bring all forces together to propel you to those things you most want, in business, in finance, in life.  The fuel for Creative Tension is acquired by tapping into your heart and determining what you really want.  This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but it’s a prerequisite of getting into the program.

You also have to be able to afford $325 per month over the course of 8 months.  It’s a fixed amount, a course fee, one that I promise will deliver in value exponentially exceeding anything you’ve reached in pocket for.  Commit, and stay the course, and I guarantee you’ll see how this investment will multiply hundreds of times over.  Really.  Hundreds of times over.

By the time we get to month three, you’ll have fail-proof strategies for increasing your income by well over $1,000 per month, so the investment will prove to be the best one you’ve ever made.

There is one more key piece that precedes acceptance into the program.  You have to be able to tell me why you’re dissatisfied and why you MUST find betterment.  Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning might have been the most powerful book I’ve ever read (and I’ve read thousands).  In essence, Frankl, a survivor of the concentration camps and a psychiatrist explores why some move forward where others stop.  The underlying key is, those who move forward have an emotional reason.  A “why.”

At this point I have to say, there’s no way in the world I can possibly tell you everything the program offers in a manner that does it justice..  It isn’t possible to explain precisely how it will change your life.  It’s one of those things you simply have to experience.

I’ve already said this, but it bears repeating.  This program is unlike ANY other program.  There is nothing similar.  It is the quintessential success and career development program for any fitness professional with a true desire to better lives and find reward in the process.

You’ll learn strategies for finding balance in your life, for ensuring that your business becomes the source of your prosperity, and for influencing others flawlessly and effortlessly.  You’ll understand how to create relationships that build your business exponentially, how to market effectively without wasting a cent, and how to capitalize on opportunities very few are aware of.  You’ll learn to grow your reach consistently, begin putting money away immediately, and building something with lifetime value.   You’ll learn to preserve your core business as you add revenue streams, to find allies be they employees, contractors, or strategic partners, and how to connect with the medical field in a way that’s never been possible before.

I deliver this in the language of the personal trainer as it’s delivered from the heart and mind of a personal trainer.  It came out of my struggles, my lessons, my mentors, and my experiences and I guarantee nothing, and I mean nothing, will empower you to find your ultimate success as a fitness professional more than Be Better.

There’s only so much I can share here in this invitation to consider joining us.  You’ll be part of a truly elite group of like-minded professionals, all connected by a common thread, yet all bringing unique experiences that contribute to the learning experience.  All I’m asking you to do is, if you are intrigued, if I haven’t discouraged you in any way, if you are mentally and emotionally ready to tap into your true abilities and unseen potential, complete the application.  I’ll reply within 3 business days, and if I sense you’re a fit for the program, I’ll reply with an appointment for a telephone discussion.  After the discussion, whether or not we agree the program is for you, I’ll provide you access to a recorded webinar that outlines the key principles as well as another groundbreaking program valued at well over $1,000.  There’s no initial cost to you.  There’s no obligation.  All I ask is that you ONLY complete the application if you’re seriously jacked about coming on board.

I know people love bullet points.  I’ve avoided them as I wanted you to actually read, to make it to this point, to ensure that everyone who makes it to this point is a serious prospect for betterment.  So, while I’ll reiterate the impossibility of describing the 24-hour course fully, I’ll share 10 Bullet Points, 10 Lessons That You’ll Find Will Change Your Life.

·         How to acquire clients without investing a single hour in free promotion

·         How to literally create and live your own ideal schedule

·         How to accurately determine what your time is worth, and how to get paid in line with that value each and every time

·         How to guarantee thrilling results for every single client and deliver more value than they expect . . . always

·         Why the accumulation of wealth requires that you DO NOT focus on money

·         How to reprogram your brain and mind to steer you toward your ultimate outcome(s)

·         How to influence people at the deepest emotional levels and never ever ever feel as if you’re “selling”

·         How to separate “who you are” from “what you do” and optimize the time you spend “working” without ever stepping away from your true passion.  Only with an understanding of these intricacies can you truly balance personal life, family life, and a thriving business without conflict

·         An exploration and understanding of the Lifecycle of Business and how to avoid the pitfalls that cripple even the most successful entrepreneurs ensuring that you always remain ahead of the curve, operating at your “prime.”

·         How to put together what I call “The Prosperity Puzzle” and remove overwhelm from your business regardless of how quickly and how much you grow

·         How to easily increase revenues by $1,000 per month, followed by $1,000 per week, followed by a decision to write your own paycheck demonstrating a $60,000 - $100,000 annual increase (or more) over the course of the program

·         Learn why conventional goal setting strategies fail most people and how you can create outcomes that come your way in a manner that feels certain and effortless

If you’re counting, there were 12 bullet points.  I promised 10.  I over-deliver (wink).  An extension of those 12 bullet points is literally a tiny glimpse of what you’ll learn.

A few times I’ve alluded to this presentation of Be Better being even better, suggesting the program has been set ablaze with new potential.  It has.  This 8-month journey will feature every single concept shared with previous Be Better groups, but also . . .

·         How to step onto a platform that instantly elevates you to a positioning level exceeding that of most 21st century physicians.

·         How to command $2400 per person for a program that attracts 12 participants at a time (do the math)

·         How to capitalize on the growing awareness of gluten, GMOs, environmental toxins, and chronic disease in a way that establishes you as an in-demand media guest, speaker, and expert

·         You’ll learn about amazing new breakthroughs in epigenetics that re-set the rules of the game in terms of the value you deliver to clients

·         You’ll learn how to develop irresistible appeal to the largest mass market in the nation

The remaining question is, “are you ready?”  If the answer is yes, if you’re willing to face whatever might have held you back, overcome obstacles that might have felt insurmountable, and create an entirely new paradigm for your career potential, one that opens doors for absolute fulfillment in every arena of your life . . . complete the application now!

Go to:


You keep saying this is unique.  Aren’t there other programs that deal with mindset?

Of course!  It’s a vital key to success, but in the Be Better Project, mindset is the main subject of the very first teleconference.  It’s a primer.  The key is, with a mindset tuning and an advanced understanding of amazing concepts in the science of neuroplasticity, you’re primed and ready to take on proven strategies, new perspectives, and elevations in the efficiency of your actions and the power of your passion.  This goes way beyond mindset.  No other program offers the breadth of content, the volume of strategies, and the volume of proof.  This will change your career.  Massively.  This will grow your income.  Exponentially.  It’s more than mindset.  It’s the unveiling of the keys to a power you never knew you possessed, the true power to create your future precisely as you script it.


If this information is really so powerful, why isn’t the whole industry aware of it?

You’re going to learn the difference, the true difference, between “ordinary” and “extraordinary.”  All industries operate upon their own established paradigms, and those within an arena who follow the paradigm are ordinary.  By definition, ordinary is determined by those actions and outcomes that are typical.  This program is designed to provide a massive edge, to allow you to elevate so far above the present paradigm you almost feel an unfair advantage (although it’s 100% ethical, legal, and moral).  Elevation and ascension must be led by a set of rules not typical to the field.  When you come to understand the concepts of The Prosperity Formula, The Rules of Profitability, Advanced Emotional Influence, and Creative Tension, you’ll realize you’ve stepped into a new world of possibility.  I’ve intentionally kept the program under wraps, promoting just as I’m doing now . . . by invitation to apply.  Despite scores of offers from the certification agencies and marketing companies, I’ve opted to preserve the integrity of the information among a select group.


$325 a month is a stretch for me.  Can you guarantee I’ll earn it back?

I can guarantee you’ll have the power within a matter of weeks to multiply your income significantly.  I don’t simply mean increase your income.  I mean multiply it.  As you progress through the program, the exercises you experience and the lessons you amass will empower you to decide how much you deserve to earn in the year ahead.  I’ve seen trainers in the program go from $30,000 annually to $150,000.  I’ve seen trainers go from frustrated employee to massively successful multi-studio owner.  I’ve seen trainers who never knew their potential sell their businesses for six figures and they took a direction that generated three times the revenue they’d earned prior.  These are all examples of Betterites who learned the lessons and took the simple actions suggested.  With that said, it’s up to you to be on the calls, to follow through on the exercises (none of them difficult, none of them time-consuming) and to face that voice inside that’s governed by some old rules that need to be put to rest.  I will say, increasing your income by $650 per month, which would not only cover your monthly investment but actually put an extra $325 a month in your bank account will prove incredibly simple.  Should that thrill you?  Of course not.  Just know if you’re willing to put some energy into your own growth, the risk is less than minimal, and the sky’s the limit.


So what should I do now?

C’mon.  You’ve read this far and you still are tentative?  If realizing that your actual potential is beyond anything you imagined scares you, if you are truly uncomfortable with the idea of making more money than you ever thought you can make, and if you’re apprehensive about delivering a new and consistent level of outcome for each and every one of your clients, don’t bother to apply.  On the other hand, if it’s just uncertainty, procrastination, or worry, the Be Better program will teach you how to obliterate every one of those “monsters.”

Nothing left to say.  Apply now.