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P Every Personal Trainer - Phil Kaplan Interviews Dr. DelRae M...

Posted on: Sep 26, 2010

 She's a chiropractor, bikini model, Crossfit instructor, and has an extraordinary understanding of the challenges that plague our population.  Dr. DelRae Messer ( is someone you want to listen to if you have the slightest bit of interest in helping clients find true health.

P Every Trainer Needs to Know - Phil Kaplan w/Dr. Anthony Abbo...

Posted on: Sep 17, 2010

 Dr. Abbott is the founder of Fitness Institute (, a certification preparation program that has received the highest acclaim and esteem.  He presently acts in the role of expert witness in legal trials related to personal training negligence.  In this interview he shares his perspectives and experiences with the intention of creating higher standards for competence in our field.

P Every Trainer Needs to Know - Phil Kaplan w/ Anthony Almada ...

Posted on: Sep 06, 2010

 Anthony Almada is one of the most respected biochemists and researchers in the sports nutrition field.  He was instrumental in bringing creatine monohydrate to the marketplace and has since held tightly to the science rather than getting swept away in the hype used to sell and promote supplements. His insights will serve any and all personal trainers faced with the "what supplements work" question in the course of conducting their businesses.

P Every Trainer Needs to Know - Phil Kaplan w/ J.J. Virgin PhD...

Posted on: Aug 18, 2010

 Phil speaks to celebrity nutrition and wellness expert JJ Virgin, the co-star of the new TLC primetime reality series, Freaky Eaters.  J.J. explains how she became an in-demand public speaker and best-selling author (Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy, The 5-Step Plan to Sleek, Strong and Sculpted Arms) but more importantly, has some strong opinions about the common practices and attitudes of personal trainers.  

P Every Trainer Needs to Know - Phil Kaplan w/ Dr. David Haase...

Posted on: Aug 07, 2010

 In this interview, Mayo clinic trained Dr. David Haase shares less than flattering perspectives related to personal trainers and shares insights into true professionalism.  He explains the stress burden that limits results in people seeking fat loss and physical betterment and shares some shocking information related to the health of our nation.  This is "must-hear" information for anyone seeking true excellence and professionalism in a health related field, specifically, the 21st century personal fitness trainer

P Destination Fitness, Live Every Saturday 9 AM Eastern Time...

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Phil and Adriana Martin offer the quintessential man-view vs. woman-view when it comes to implementing "fitness" into 21st century life. When the dust settles, listeners are exposed to the realities behind a "new diet" using a female fertility drug as a "secret weapon" and an online scam used to sell "magic weight loss berries."