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An explanation and invitation from Phil Kaplan


In 2004 my daughter was born.  That was a turning point.  Up until that point in time, I was on the road 50 weeks per year speaking to audiences around the world about health, fitness, and the development of personal training careers. 

Was it fun?  Thrilling!

Was it rewarding?  Extremely, and I only hope I was able to express at that time the gratitude I felt for the opportunity to meet so many people from all corners of the planet (I know the planet doesn't have corners but if you're going to nitpick now, we'll never get to the good stuff.  Stay with me).

"Phil, you're a father," are words that literally changed the entirety of my existence.  Priorities begin to flip upside down and it didn't take long for me to realize, I didn’t want to be the Dad who’s always “out of town.”  I knew i had to make a change, so I toyed with some ideas that were a bit alien to me.  One of them was . . . coaching fitness professionals remotely . . . without seeing them face-to-face. 

My seminars had always been live in front of audiences, my consulting purely hands-on, but if I could deliver the same type of results without investing time in airports, flights, and hotels, I could find balance between work and family. 

Out of that desire the Be Better Project was born and today there are roughly 200 trainers who are thankful for that birth.  20 more are about to join them.


My consulting fees justifiably started at $9,000 so most of my clients were regional health club chains or growing fitness companies with significant revenues.  While I conducted workshops and seminars for personal trainers, it wasn’t feasible for most to afford private consulting.  Interestingly, during my consulting travels, I felt a bond with the trainers that didn't always carry forward to the owners or head honchos.  I genuinely liked the trainers.  

The idea of creating a remote gathering opened new doors and a new I've for me to utilize to help the field of fitness professionals operating with a sound moral code (not always the case with some of the owners I've come to know).  Rather than any single personal trainer having to pay $9,000 or more, a group of non-competitive fitness professionals, each from his or her own part (corner?) of the continent, could come together affordably and share both in lessons and in interactive coaching. 

The first Be Better group was an experiment.  I knew the information I had to share was powerful, but I wasn't certain how much of it would be applied by an audience caught in a paradigm of mediocrity.  I wanted the group to feel elevated, somehow above the ceilings that the industry had imposed upon it, and I wanted a sense of unity, where the participants were kindred spirits all raising the bar and tapping their own potential.  I approached the Project as if I were creating a family of like-minded people, all with the desire to grow, all with a passion for helping others. I screened over 65 applicants to find the 20 who became part of the first Be Better. 

The dynamic of my sharing the information and directives combined with the support and connection among participants proved to be wildly powerful, and with the completion of the first group, with a proving ground of trainers who had stepped into a new realm of profitability and professionalism, the Project was officially living.

The information was delivered in two interactive live (remote) teleconferences per month, each teleconference running about 90 minutes.  The directives were strategically planned as a series of evidence procedures

  • I had to show the trainers in the group that they can earn more money before I directed them to pursue more money. 
  • I had to prove to each individual that growth outside of the box was possible before I directed them to set outcomes that would prove thrilling. 

Everything was proven, everything was documented, and nothing was left to chance.

The strategy not only worked, it exceeded my greatest expectations.  The pioneer participants in Be Better proved to be some of the most accomplished and confident fitness professionals the industry has ever seen . . . but they don’t boast . . . they don’t show-off.  They’ve not only mastered growth and influence, they’ve also managed to discover the balance between humility and ego.

As we continue on . . . you'll find a few words and thoughts from some Be Better graduates . . . and the invitation to become a part of this success-oriented group is soon to follow . . . 


Jim Beatty, Philadelphia, PA

  • I was a self-employed trainer in a club when I joined The Be Better Project.  Everything changed and I mean everything.  Since connecting with Phil and the Be Better group, I've incorporated, opened a private studio, negotiated corporate fitness partnerships, been professionally published in books and magazines, and won Best Personal Trainer in local media four times!  Be Better has served as both a rudder and an anchor for my business, and has changed what I do and how I do it.  It has elevated me far above the industry standard and continues to serve me with new and exciting opportunities every day.  Phil is an extraordinary teacher, a healer, a mentor, and a friend.  I feel blessed to be a part of the Be Better Project and through these teachings i'm excited for the future of our industry.

Each Be Better Group ran 8 months and a new group started as soon as one finished.  After conducting eight (8) Be Better Groups, in 2011 I put the brakes on.  I was deep in the field of building the bridge between fitness and medicine and whie continuing to work personally with the Platinum members of Be Better, I wasn't taking on any new members.  I put the Project aside for 2 ½ years.


Since 2011, I’ve been working in a field that is miles from conventional fitness and thoroughly invigorating.  It’s still helping people improve through exercise and nutrition, but it’s moved up a few levels.  After years of feverish research, testing, application, and personal experience, I’m working alongside progressive medical professionals to reverse chronic disease through a movement and eating intervention and the outcomes have been nothing short of amazing.  As I expanded into new populations, into the medical field, into the hospital setting, and into a better understanding of how seriously bucked up our health care situation is . . . . the opportunities lit up!  I’ve learned so much about reversing disease, accessing and changing mindset, even in the depressed or chronically ill, presenting an alternative to meds with absolutely no side effects, and connecting with the medical field on a peer-to-peer level, I have a newly enhanced library to share. 

With the track record of Be Better and an entirely new wealth of “secrets,” I’ve opted to reignite Be Better, to light a flame under it and deliver it in a way that’s better than ever.  The Be Better program, with an additional 4 months added, is a program that’s been sleeping for a couple of years and is now rising from a spark that is so powerful it can change your future profoundly, and in a very short time frame (1 year).

  • If you want to own your own studio and guarantee success, I’ll show you how.

  • If you want to unload your studio, and earn twice as much without all of the overhead, I’ll show you how.

  • If you want to train 25 hours a week and command your own income, I’ll show you how.

  • If you want freedom from your employer, consistent revenues with 100% independence, and a new confidence that you are a true professional . . . it’s all guaranteed if you come along and participate in Be Better Reignited.

After 30 years in this industry, after presenting to hundreds of thousands of fitness and medical professionals, after delivering scores of books, products, and programs, Be Better Reignited is the personal trainer offering I’m most excited about.  It’s got more juice, more power, more impact, and more career fuel than any program in existence.  That I can guarantee!

Following the next paragraph from a Be Better graduate, allow me to answer a few of the common questions, and then I’ll invite you to join us.

Kelli Calabrese, Flower Mound, TX

  • It was divine intervention when I kept running into Phil Kaplan in Chicago at Club Industry in 1993. I remember choosing to attend his session because it was titled “Personal Training in the Year 2000 and Beyond”.  I thought if this guy can predict the future, I want to be in the audience to hang on his every word. He didn’t disappoint. I left the session with a clear vision for my 4 health clubs and 4 corporate fitness centers.  We were rated # 1 in Personal Training in the state of NJ the following year!  I continued to read Phil’s articles always gleaning incites on what not to do and what to do!  His advice always pointed to a future that was clear, practical and profitable.  Today, after experiencing over a decade of his wisdom and going through two consecutive rounds of The Be Better Project, I can only say that Phil is a legend in our industry. I have seen him influence not only my career, but thousands of others through his teachings, writings, speaking, consulting, masterminds, programs and more.   Phil conducts himself with integrity and passion first.  He would be modest to admit this, but Phil ranks as genius on IQ tests.  His intelligence, personal experience, compassion, intuition and love of helping people are unmatched across fitness, medicine, wellness and nutrition.  You want to be a part of the Be Better Project.  It will change you, your career, and the industry you love.



Upon enrolling you’ll receive a schedule of calls.  You’ll be given an access number and will call in every other Thursday at 3 PM Eastern Time.  Each teleconference is fully interactive, and everyone in the group will get to know everyone else in the group. 

Each call has its own specific topic complete with lessons that in and of themselves, are capable of changing things in your life radically.  You do more than listen.  You speak, you interact, you think (you realllllly think), and you make shifts.  Each call ends with a Directive.  It isn’t homework.  It’s more of an action that will change your perspective and release the limits you might have had imposed upon your career. 

While some of the Directives will test you, and all will stretch you, I can promise you . . . . I have NEVER had a single person in Be Better regret even a single directive.  The lessons give you the power, the Directives put it into practice, and with each new achievement comes a celebration of growth.

There is also an interactive discussion / email group.  It’s a private group and every participants gets to read every inter-group email.  It’s proven to be one of the most important parts of the program.  You compare notes, ask questions, share challenges and solutions, and group-think your way to growth, and you’ll fast come to realize, this is an arena that will serve you for the rest of your life.  The people you meet in Be Better will become lifetime friends and confidants.  I know.  I’ve seen it.  Again, and again, and again, and again.

Once a year we have an optional Be Better family vacation.  There’s no additional charge (you pay your own expenses), you can come solo or bring family, there are a handful of valuable workshops, and the rest of the time we enjoy networking, playing, and celebrating.  Join Be Better Reignited and you will become a part of the extended Be Better family, a family where success and fulfillment are the common threads.


You can expect growth.  You can expect the pursuit of excellence.  Most of all, I urge you to expect more than you’ve ever expected.  Early on we’ll help you gain new insight into your true potential.  The days of being “just a personal trainer” will fade into the background.  You’ll develop a new confidence, a new paradigm for the development of your extraordinary business, and a new respect for the strategies that take you from “I care about people so I sometimes suffer” to “I care about people and revel in the joy and reward that caring brings my way.”


My commitment is to help you make dreams come true.  Along the way you’ll have several opportunities to shape outcomes, and using a power called Creative Tension, you’ll draw every outcome closer until it becomes real.  I am going lead every call for a total of 36 hours over the course of a year, I’m going to share it all leaving nothing hidden, I’m going to be fully candid and open the gates on my own growth steps and missteps, and I’m going to empower each and every participant to find a new pride and new power.  I am going to interact as needed on the discussion board, I will get to know everyone in the group personally, and I am going to take you to a place few personal trainers will ever evolve to.

Jared Carter, Safety Harbor, FL

  • Through the Be Better Project, Phil Kaplan has completely changed my mindset when it comes to thriving as a Personal Trainer. In 2004, I was at a crossroads. I had gone out on my own and lost about 40% of my income. Bills were due and there was simply no money to pay them. I was in my kitchen and completely terrified that I would have to go out and get a "real" job, rather than continuing to do what I loved.  Instead I joined the Be Better Project.  By using the strategies Phil shared, I quickly turned my business around and ramped up, opening my own studio about 18 months later.  As part of the Be Better family, I continue to learn and grow, and as we are becoming adept at seeking out people that the medical system has failed, I have a newfound appreciation for my talents and gifts to help people. It is amazingly rewarding to know that I am helping people to get healthier, not just trying to get ready for the beach.  As per my dream, I relocated my family to Florida and opened a brand new studio in a completely new part of the country.  While there are all of the challenges that any new business faces, I have faith that I know how to navigate them. If anybody is on the fence about whether or not this program is for them, get off the fence and do it.  I honestly don't know where I'd be if I hadn't connected with The Be Better Project, but I know I wouldn't be here and I probably wouldn't be in fitness anymore.  My clients, family and I owe Phil and his Be Better offerings a tremendous debt of gratitude.



The strength in the group lies in the strength of the group.  It is my responsibility to bring together fitness professionals who share a common heart, who complement each other in their life experiences, and who can enjoy a balance between receiving and giving.  I seek participants who can articulate an outcome they wish for (this is a challenge for most personal trainers).  I seek participants who can identify the mistakes they’ve made and learned from.  I seek participants who have achieved some level of success and are working as full-time fitness professionals.  I seek participants who are willing to listen, to learn, and to share.  That screening process, for me, is the most grueling and difficult part of conducting a Be Better group, but I realize it’s the key to creating that unity that has permeated every group since the project’s inception.


It isn’t a cop-out to answer this question with the words, “I can’t possibly answer this question and do the program justice.”  There’s so much more than I can explain.  The lessons stack upon themselves.  You’ll learn an entirely new language using terms that serve to simplify everything you do and allow you to find laser focus despite all of the “to do’s” that might have afflicted you as your business grew.  Here’s a short list of some of the topics addressed in some of the lessons.

  • Making Money in Exchange for Unquestioned Value – this is the key to being rewarded financially.  It requires a reassessment of what it is that you sell, what the value of that “it” is, and what your time is worth to every client you affect.  With this lesson complete, you’ll find a new comfort in charging what you deserve, and a certainty that you’ll never leave a client disappointed.
  • Building Longevity – with a focus on client acquisition, filling your schedule, and handling the day-to-day, you are continually focused on the present state of your business.  When you start to recognize the equity you can build, the opportunities for non-time-reliant revenues, and the potential to replicate and expand, you build a future that has been elusive for most personal trainers.
  • Prime as a Moving Target – you’ll come to understand how a business goes from inception to death, and in that you’ll embrace the idea of operating in “Prime.”  When you’re in Prime, your business is a living entity, and you have your life, hobbies, and time separate from the business.  When you’re in Prime you love what you do, your energy is in balance, you well handle the minor stresses that emerge, and you recognize forward motion.  What most business owners fail to realize (before its too late) is that the slip out of prime is insidious, leads them to a place of perceived Stability, and that’s the beginning of the business decline.  When you understand the power of operating “in Prime,” your money fears are gone, your worries about the future diminished, and your daily focus brings you the best of reward and the best of emotions.
  • Bridging into the Largest Market the World Has Ever Seen – 70% of our adult population are now going to the medical field for answers.  They’re not necessarily sick, but they aren’t well.  They’re on medications for chronic disease with lifetime sentences to show up at the pharmacy monthly.  They’re not getting better, they’re simply functioning in an unwell state.  They don’t readily respond to fitness offerings.  I’ll show you how to break into this market in such an explosive way you’re business will move from a place of occasional struggle to a place of genuine abundance.
  • Reversing Disease – Reaching the Largest market is only the first step.  Bringing those people the change they seek is where the true power lies, and I’ll show you precisely how to reverse dis-ease.  I’ll teach you all of the science that led me to create the A.L.I.V.E. protocol responsible for reversing disease in over 1,000 participants, most of them getting off all of their “forever” medications.  I’ll show you why, for the last 2 ½ years, I’ve spoken to medical audiences under the banner, “Personal Trainers can Cure Disease.”
  • Exercise . . . Better Than Meds – in continuing the thoughts on reversing disease, I’ll demonstrate with pure evidence why a series of exercise strategies, combined with select nutritional shifts, are not equal to, but better than the most commonly prescribed meds.  Cholesterol meds, blood sugar meds, blood pressure meds, hormonal replacement meds, etc. have become more the rule than the exception.  It’s time to change the rules and you’ll learn precisely how.
  • Confidence – at the conclusion of the program, everybody details significant changes in revenues and profits, but the one trait that is always expressed as something that’s escalated beyond expectation is confidence.  Whether you’re speaking to a medical professional, a corporate group, or a group of colleagues, you’ll have a new sense of your own ability and with it a certainty in that you’re worth whatever it is that you set out to command, collect, or achieve.

The curriculum addresses influence at the highest levels, drills deep into our ability to affect mindset and all of its moving parts, and provides fail-proof strategies for client compliance and adherence.  It will not only teach you, but prompt you to create Ancillary Revenues and Profit Centers that pump your bottom line exponentially without every crossing any ethical boundaries.  You’ll learn to tap into media, to maximize speaking opportunities, group events, and the truly profitable online undertakings that merit some of your time and attention.

The Project is complete in that it teaches, it coaches, it guides, and throughout the process, it has you doing, seeing, achieving, proving, stretching, and setting the course for a thrilling new future as a fitness professional demonstrating the traits of excellence and benefits of prosperity.

Come on board.  Complete the application and let’s get you connected.